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Wow!  Can you believe it is March already?  With some of you experiencing ice, snow, and freezing temperatures, I'm sure you can't wait for spring to arrive!  Here are a few activities to help "warm" your classroom up a bit, while keeping with the holiday theme.

First up, let's keep writing!  Our monthly No Prep Fine Motor Packets allow your students to practice writing skills and have fun.  With 32 pages (yes, extras for homework, too) of March theme fine motor practice filled with leprechauns and rainbows, and spring flowers and kites.  Tons of fun for the kiddos!

Fine Motor Skills NO PREP Packet for MARCH
Monthly Fine Motor Skills Practice

Build A Sentence Interactive Activity Book - LEPRECHAUN
Where is the Lucky Leprechaun?  Find the positional words!

Visit our website for more creative activities to help your students master their IEP goals.

Remember, in like a lion, out like a lamb.  Spring will be here soon!
In honor of President's Day, here's a FREEBIE for a FEW, minutes that is!  Now, through February 17, 2015, catch this Touch Math Interchangeable activity for your classroom.  Please let me how you are using this in your classroom.  I'd love to see it in action - send pictures, too!  Enjoy!

Here's the link: